Children & Youth

Children age 4 – 4th Graders participate in a Sunday morning program using the Shine curriculum learning stories of the Bible with hands-on activities and experiences that emphasize the teachings of Jesus.  5th Graders – 7th Graders also use the Shine curriculum learning ways to love God and share that love with others.

Classes start the second Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday before Memorial Day. During the summer months children are encouraged to learn about and experience worship with their parents. Families with young children can use the wiggle room in the back of the sanctuary.

5th/6th/7th Graders – PAKT  gathers Parents and Kids Together monthly and provides an opportunity for Parents (or guardians) to journey with their fifth, sixth or seventh grade child in a two year journey.  In year one, the focus is teaching your child about God and providing intentional activities to help guide conversations around prayer, blessing, images of God, and finding God in the everyday.  In the second year the focus is on human sexuality education, utilizing the Our Whole Lives Program.
7th/8th graders are invited to join the intentional journey of faith called Confirmation that begins in the fall and culminates in the rite of Confirmation in the spring. Youth will experience connecting the Jesus stories to our our stories, finding ways to serve, learning about and helping to lead worship, going on field trips, and so much more make a journey worth sharing and faith worth exploring.
9th – 12th Graders gather semi-monthly from September – May. Together we create an environment of acceptance of EVERYONE, build a community where our relationships and our faith grow deeper, and we learn how to share our lives and God’s love with others.

High Schoolers can also engage in a four year cycle of life impacting mission trips that include a pilgrimage to a local, regional, national, and international setting.