Core Values

In receiving God’s LOVE we are called in return to share that same divine compassion and care with others. Love is our inspiration, our motivation, and the goal for which we strive.

We are called to JUSTICE. We believe we are called to partner with God in working for an arrangement of life where the creative gifts of all God’s children can freely thrive without fear for the up-building of the human family and the whole creation.

We are called to be INCLUSIVE. In our welcoming of others, showing respect for all and encouraging each other in the ministry that has been set before us, we honor God’s vision of a world where all will know they are beloved.

We are called to be TRANSFORMATIVE. We recognize that God’s still-speaking voice empowers change in each person. That same spirit of love also works in us as a community to be a transforming presence in the life of the world, working toward God’s vision of peace with justice.

We are called to INTEGRITY, to live the love we seek by practicing forgiveness, and embodying grace, holding each other accountable in all we do.

In all things, we are to be GRATEFUL for all that has been entrusted to our care. As stewards of the congregation’s tradition, resources and values, we move forward in all things, mindful of all who have gone before, while trusting God to lead us into ever-new expressions of faith into the future.