Pre K – 7th grade

Holy Moly Kids!

Preschool – 7th Graders can participate in Holy Moly Kids where children move through a 2-year program using the Deep Blue Bible centered curriculum.  They are engaged in the stories of the Bible using animated video and hands-on activities, learning ways to love God and share that love with others.  Classes start the second Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday before Memorial Day.

 6th/7th Graders – PAKT 67 gathers Parents and Kids Together monthly and provides an opportunity for Parents (or guardians) to journey with their sixth or seventh grade child in two different journeys over two years.  In year one, the journey will focus on teaching your child about God and will provide intentional activities that will help engage conversations around such topics as prayer, blessing, images of God, finding God in the everyday, etc.  In the second year which begins September 11, 2016, the focus is on human sexuality education, utilizing the Our Whole Lives Program.



A variety of camps and outdoor ministries can be found at

Our Family Camp is the second week of July in New York