Hope Talks

Hosted by: Patricia Huston-Holm & James Nolan

A Podcast Series Production through David’s United Church of Christ delivering stories of hope, faith, and transformational God moments from believers in multiple faiths.

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Mainstream Media

Episode 13: Christ and Generation Z

A 19-year-old college student, Nathaniel Shaner, discusses the challenges, opportunities and hope of a Christ-centered life.

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Stories of Transformation

Hope, the idea that tomorrow will be better than today, flickers through all major faiths. In this time of pandemic, stories have emerged of ordinary people engaged in hope. With help from two former journalists in our congregation, David’s United Church of Christ will share these experiences by means of a new bimonthly audio podcast, which we call “Hope Talks.”

For most of my life, as an editor in big city newsrooms, my job was to collect and tell stories of what happened to people and why. Later, as I felt the call into ordained ministry I learned that shared experiences are an important way people form bonds and build community. Twice a month, my colleague Patty Huston-Holm and I will be sharing conversations from extraordinary people who will offer insight into finding hope for daily living.

I love good stories. But why tell them in an audio podcast? I’ve discovered that podcasts are the 21st century version of the town crier. My 20-and-30 something friends in Uganda, Africa, are hooked on podcasts. My exercise buddies in their 40s and 50s love talk media. My neighbor in her 70s talks about her podcasts. What better way to spread the message of faith-based hope!

Hope Talks. Bringing you stories of ordinary people living a better tomorrow today, showing us all how to become the change we wish to see. Look soon for a Hope Talks link on the David’s website or on your favorite social media platform. And if you have a story to share, or know someone who does, shoot us an email at hopetalks@davidsucc.net.

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Mainstream Media

Episode 12: Mainstream Media in the USA

Two veteran journalists — the leaders of this podcast — share their perspectives about 2lst century journalism changes and hope in this first interview collaborative with Uganda Christian University students.

Cardio Drumming Dance

Episode 11: Cardio Drumming Dance

A wife, mother and former teacher becomes a central Ohio exercise icon, drawing 100 people three times a week to her energetic, joyful parking lot workout.


Episode 10: Finding Hope and Healing in Nature

A parks naturalist talks of building personal sanctuaries in our environment.

Most volunerable

Episode 9: Serving COVID's most vulnerable.

As the country’s most virus-vulnerable elderly in congregate settings were isolated from family members, workers inside did their best fill in the gaps. This central Ohio assisted living activities director describes how her love for the people, her ingenuity and Christian faith brought hope to many.

Water Lily

Episode 8: Be Gentle with Yourself

Coping with loss, fighting addiction and finding identity.

Murder and Forgiveness

Episode 7: Murder and Forgiveness

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reporter Alan Johnson was known as “Dr. Death” for his observation of Ohio prison executions — 21 of them — as part of his job. Somewhere in the middle of watching men die, he found God at his side. In this interview, Dr. Johnson describes that experience and his research about forgiveness and the death penalty.

Water Lily

Episode 6: The Jewish Notion of Hope

A community-oriented Jewish businessman talks of the homeward pull of hope.

music sheet with piano

Episode 5: Living Musically Through the Pandemic

The talented Chinese pianist Qian Yoyo Liu describes her education and American citizenship journey while sharing her passion for music and how she took a leap to open a Music School in Columbus, Ohio called DNA Music Academy during the 2020 pandemic.


Episode 4: How to Talk Yourself into Hope

Lessons in motivation from someone who coaches frontline healthcare workers.

Big Drop Bob

Episode 3: Big Drop Bob

This Licking County, Ohio, resident is, at age 69, one of the oldest mountain biking jumpers. In addition to the attention he gets with participating in this dare devil sport, he has increasing notoriety for building mountain bike trails. Hosted by Patty Huston-Holm

Volunteering Hope

Episode 2: Look to the Helpers

Jim Nolan interviews a retired cop and teacher of developmentally challenged adults who finds hope in volunteering.

Volunteering Hope

Episode 1: Escape from Terroirism

Douglas Olum a 34-year-old from Uganda, Africa, recently published a book about his abduction at age 11 by the Lord’s Resistance Army terrorist group. In this interview, he discusses that horrific experience, his escape and how he has found hope and purpose in his life.