I’m New

Glad you found us. A little nervous? Not sure what to expect? Wondering what kind of church community we are? Here are some phrases that get at what matters to us and we hope matters to you…

Follow Christ… That means we take seriously love, grace, forgiveness, welcoming all, serving all, working for justice….you get the idea.

Embrace Mystery… Our experience is that there is a “something more” reality in life that we call the Spirit. We discover it in all kinds of places, but worship, spiritual practices like prayer and meditation and the gift of community keeps us coming back for more.

Serve Others… Giving God space to use our gifts to meet human need locally and globally.

Do Justice… Answering God’s call to work for an arrangement of life where all God’s children can thrive.

Come Be Loved… This is the heart of everything. You are God’s beloved, no exceptions, no matter where you’ve been on the journey or where you are now.

Be Transformed… It’s what God does to us and the world when we allow ourselves to be shaped by everything above. In short….more light, more love, more hope, more joy.

Sound interesting?

We hope so. Check us out on this website. Better yet, we hope that you will come scope us out in person.